Carbide Blades

One of the key factors in efficient snow removal is the minimization of "dead heading" downtime, and untimely maintenance. Valk carbide insert cutting edges are a significant help in reducing these factors.

Tests have shown that one tungsten carbide tipped blade is equivalent to approximately 20-30 ordinary high carbon steel blades. This means you can be sure of getting ultimate blade life from every Valk blade you put into service.

All Valk carbide blades are made to exact customer specifications. Common sizes include:

  • 3/4x5"
  • 3/4x6"
  • 7/8x5"
  • 3/4x8"
  • 7/8x8"
  • 1x8"

In addition, Valk manufactures other carbide tipped wear parts which have significantly longer wear lives than their steel counterparts.

Valk carbide blades will meet your requirements at a competitive price, and are designed to get the job done!

blade styles

  • Tungsten Carbide cutting edges are manufactured in sections: Two three-foot section and one four-foot section for a ten foot cutting edge. Other lengths are optional.
  • Valk replaceable cutting edges are available for all Snow Plows and Motor Graders.

carbide wear shoe

  • A variety of carbide wear shoes are available.
  • Valk also manufactures carbide curb bumpers and nose pieces.