Dozer Blades


No matter what type of equipment or or job requirement, Valk manufacturers a dozer cutting edge that will meet the need.

  • Edges are available using Valk's exclusive Viper Heat Treated process or field-tested VKB-350 process.
  • Available in standard and heavy-duty Combat sizes.
  • The Valk Viper provides uniform strength distributed throughout the blade to absorb shock and resist breakage.
  • Mounting holes are located by computer numerically controlled (C.N.C.) drill or multiple punched to ensure precise alignment.
  • Easy installation, only hand tools needed.
  • Custom design machine beveling and landing variation to exact customer specifications is available in addition to mill rolled standard bevels.

Valk end bits are available in straight and drop corner styles. Both styles may be ordered using the VKB-350 process for general purpose applications or either the Valk Valloy or the Viper Heat Treated process for severe wear and impact resistance.

Valk Combat sizes provide superior strength, field-tested toughness and approach the strength of through-hardened blades at considerable savings.

The Valk Viper process produces yield strengths approximately four times that of non-heat treated edges. First the blade is completely heated, then immersed in a quenching liquid, setting the hardness throughout the blade. A tempering or drawing process is used to restructure the molecular structure to working levels. Finally, the hardness is drawn down to a working level of Rockwell Rc 45 to 52.