Scraper Blades


The Valk scraper cutting edge line is available in four models using the exclusive Viper Heat Treated process or VKB-350 process. Select from a 3-piece straight, 3-piece drop center, 3-piece with a 1-piece center or 4-piece interchangeable styles.


  • Valk scraper cutting edges are available many thicknesses or widths.
  • Both standard and heavy-duty Combat sizes from which to choose.
  • Precise angling of the bevel and variation in the landing thickness can be ordered to exact specifications.
  • Mounting holes are located by either computer numerical control (C.N.C.) drills or multiple punched for precise alignment.
  • Easy installation using hand tools.
  • Router bits have been designed to fully protect the leading edge of the scraper bowl by having a built-in offset.